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unique insurance company

Unique Insurance Company is a trusted insurance carrier, providing quality car insurance coverage, to residents in all 50 states. The company is one of the best at what they do because they understand the needs of each customer and strive to find the best insurance plan at the lowest possible rates. They are a valuable option for people looking into shopping for insurance for their used or new vehicle. The company itself specializes in casualty insurance and offers automobile and home insurance coverage nationwide.

Ever since Unique Insurance was founded, it has strived to be a leader in the market by focusing on the needs of customers. One reason the company has grown so quickly is the low-cost auto and property insurance to both individuals and groups. They often are highly rated in surveys on customer service and realize that clients are the main reason for their success. The company continues to grow each year. In the future, insurance plans introduce more products into the market, at low rates, that consumers have come accustomed to. The company has achieved many goals that other companies haven't been able to and continue to grow at a fast pace.

Unique Insurance Co offers its services in every state through a popular and software-driven website. They continue to excel in what they are doing and embrace the new technology that has changed the industry in recent years. Their website is also designed to improve the knowledge of customers, by offering a learning section, that helps potential customers learn about the different aspects of insurance. Quotes are completely free and only take about 5 minutes to complete.

Unique Insurance Company Benefits

The main reason for the ongoing success of the company includes its very competitive pricing. Their channels of distribution and marketing efforts have come a long way. People often come to the website to get a rate quote, and then after talking to one of the many licensed agents, feel comfortable buying a policy. Although pricing for automobile insurance varies by state, because state minimum requirements are all different, the best rates are given for your area.

Whether you live in the city or rural country, you can expect low-cost auto and homeowners coverage. Unique’s goal is to save a potential customer 20% or more of the price they are paying for auto and home insurance, more than most other providers.

Another reason has been so successful in attracting clients has been their 24 hour dedicated service agents. Their website lets customers know that price is not everything they need to look at when shopping for auto insurance. Prior to looking at price, they need to trust the company they are willing to do research on. Unique auto insurance prides itself on the fact that they are a trusted company people choose to compare free quotes. Someone needs to know that their insurance company is well off financially. This is especially true when you file a big claim. You need to know it will be paid out and on time.

Like every other company, Unique has a series of discounts that allow its customers to save some money. The E-sign discount is designed for customers that sign and enroll for automatic payments online. They can save 2% or more of their premium costs. You can also save 5% by paying the entire premium in a single lump payment. This also eliminated the hassle of paying your bill each month. Discounts can also vary by the state that you live in. You need to call your authorized agent or send a secured email to get further information on available discounts where you live.

Customer Service that Cares

It's also important to talk about Unique insurance, great customer serviceIt's one of the main reasons they have been doing so well for so long. They have friendly customer service representatives that are highly educated and can help policyholders on almost any problem that arises. They are well-known for supplying "state minimum" required liability insurance, with rates from as low as $1dollar per day. This is a popular choice for many customers. Many people prefer this coverage because they want to pay the minimum rate, although it can be riskier financially. Unique also offers many other types of coverage, including comprehensive and collision coverage. They cater to all auto insurance needs. Additionally, they have the following benefits:

  • Pay by Phone Program that allows customers to pay their premium over the phone.
  • They offer 24/7 customer service, which is a specialty in the auto insurance industry. This service is provided 365 days a year as well.
  • They offer three different payment plans.

Unique Insurance has strived to be a leader in the business. Rather than using numerous agencies to sell their insurance, they provide "direct-to-consumer" quotes. Many clients save $500 or more buying direct car insurance online. To get started, enter your zip code and see how easy it is to save over 20% on auto coverage.