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    • Auto Insurance Coverage for your Trailer

      Auto Insurance Coverage for your Trailer

      Auto Insurance Coverage for your Trailer

      You are towing a trailer behind your truck or automobile. Now the question is, does your car insurance policy cover it? Are boats and other equipment towed behind your vehicle covered by an insurance policy? Reading the article will help you get the answers you need if you are asking yourself any of these questions. Here you can find out if your auto insurance policy covers trailers, boats, and other things towed behind your car.

      Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Provide Liability Insurance for Your Trailer?

      Almost every type of vehicle coverage policy offers liability coverage for trailers. Your policy could cover a trailer if you are towing it behind a car if it's insured. You should buy auto liability coverage for the trailer you own only if you plan to use it on a specific vehicle. For example, you have a truck that is not used often, but several times a year, a boat trailer is used.

      It might be the case that your policy does not cover trailers because not all insurance companies offer this option. Many policies may prohibit trailer coverage, and others may demand that you include your trailer on your declaration page. In addition, not all states and companies have the exact requirements. This is why it's important to get all the facts upfront, so you know precisely what is and is not covered.

      Things could be different when it comes to comprehensive and collision coverage. Usually, your trailer may be protected under your car liability coverage. Some trailers or elements you tow behind your car could be exempted from coverage.

      Comprehensive and Collision Coverage for Your Trailer

      Your trailer may be covered under your car's liability coverage from the moment you have purchased your policy. Comprehensive and collision coverage does not work the same way. Some insurers offer comprehensive collision coverage for your trailer in a separate policy.

      If you are lucky, maybe you could find a great company where you can get comprehensive collision coverage for your trailer that also doesn't demand a different policy. You might also come across an insurance company that requires your trailer to be listed on the declarations page of your policy to be covered. Another possibility offered by some insurers is to add an endorsement to your policy as proof of coverage for your trailer.

      It would be best if you kept in mind that liability, comprehensive, and collision are three different kinds of coverage; therefore, they provide various types of protection. Let's go over each type:

      Liability coverage: This type of coverage protects you from the damage you have caused to other people or their property in a car accident you were at fault for causing. For instance, liability insurance might cover the other driver's medical bills in case you are at fault for the accident and the repairing charges for their vehicle. If you are involved in a collision where your trailer was damaged and the other driver was at fault, then the other driver's liability insurance would cover the damages to your trailer.

      Collision Coverage: This type of coverage covers damages caused to your car in an accident, regardless of who was responsible. Collision coverage protects you from car repair charges. Your insurance company will cover the replacement cost if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair.

      Comprehensive coverage: This kind of coverage helps you pay for damages to your vehicle or trailer in situations other than a collision. For instance, if your trailer is ruined in flood or damaged by hail, you could claim under your comprehensive insurance policy to cover the damage.

      If you want to check the coverage on your trailer, you could contact your provider. What is covered varies according to your policy. Maybe your trailer has liability coverage, comprehensive and collision, or, perhaps, no coverage. Click here to get the cheapest trailer insurance online. To get started, enter your zip code.

      What Things Towed Behind My Vehicle May Be Covered?

      Up to now, we assume the trailer towing behind your vehicle is empty. Almost all car insurance policies cover a trailer you are moving behind your car when the trailer is your property and not a rental. Nevertheless, if the trailer towing behind your vehicle has some item on it, let's say a boat, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), or a recreational vehicle (RV), your policy can also cover the trailer. Still, it does not automatically include the item it carries.

      You might buy a policy that covers everything you carry on your trailer. Still, most of the time, you should buy a different approach or pay to add that item to your existing policy.

      Concerning coverage options, different insurers will give you varied options. Generally, insurance companies extend liability insurance coverage but not comprehensive and collision coverage. Our liability insurance policy may cover your trailer and boat if towed behind your vehicle.

      What Types of Trailers Are Not Covered by Most Car Insurance Policies?

      In most cases, you don't need to buy a new policy or add extended coverage to your auto liability insurance cost for any item towed behind your vehicle. Still, some trailers do not qualify for coverage on the standard policy. This includes:

      • Rental trailers like the one you can rent a U-Haul or Budget Trucks for moving.
      • Farm wagons were used to transport persons.
      • Mechanical devices or trailers towed by a motor vehicle and used in businesses or other works differ from livestock or agriculture.
      • A car top carrier is intended to be attached to the roof of your vehicle.
      • Vehicles that are towed behind your car but are not precisely trailers.

      The Final Word on Trailer Insurance Coverage

      As we have explained, almost all policies would extend liability coverage to a trailer on your property when you tow it behind your insured vehicle. Comprehensive and collision coverage is not included when you buy liability coverage. Maybe you should buy a new policy to get these two types of optional coverage so you are adequately covered.

      Does your policy cover the trailer? If not, how much does trailer insurance cost? To answer these questions, you could contact your insurance companies to find out if your trailer is protected. If not, you need to get adequate coverage. Compare trailer insurance quotes online right now by entering your zip code. See how much you can save in about five minutes.


      Car Insurance Rate Factors

      Car Insurance Rate Factors

      Car Insurance Rate Factors

      If you are like most people, you are probably trying to find a better deal on auto insurance but are overwhelmed with all of the choices. Rates have been going up the past year, and national average rates now hover around $120 per month. Most people don't know how car insurance rate factors affect how much you pay for coverage. Understanding these factors is the key to getting lower insurance rates.

      First, let's go over some auto insurance basics. You need to familiarize yourself with the industry terms to make more informed decisions. Auto insurance is important because almost all adults have a vehicle and need to get it properly insured at the lowest possible rates. It is often the 4th or 5th most expensive monthly bill for most households. The good news is you can save hundreds per year if you do some research and compare multiple quotes. Let's go over some basic terminology.

      Insurance Lingo Made Easy

      Premiums: This is the price you pay for your auto insurance policy. For example, you might be quoted $1,200 for twelve months of coverage or $625 for 6 months of coverage. If you decide on an installment plan, your monthly premium for a 12-month policy is $100, and about $104 for the 6-month policy. It's important to point out that most insurers offer lower rates for twelve-month policies. If you want the cheapest possible premium, pay for a 12-month policy in full and upfront.

      Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive Coverage: These are the three basic types of coverage. Liability is the cheapest coverage you can get because it is limited in what it covers. Many people often opt for state minimum-only car insurance, with 1 dollar a day car insurance under certain conditions. Collision and comprehensive insurance offer greater and broader protection, although it's more expensive. Collision will add protection to your vehicle after a wreck. Comprehensive insurance will cover almost anything that damages your car, other than an accident with another vehicle.

      Coverage Limits: This is just the total or maximum amount your insurer will pay you. If you are at fault in an accident and the claim exceeds these limits, you will be under a legal obligation to pay the difference. This is why it's so important to get the maximum amount of limit protection to fully protect your assets.

      Factors that Affect Premiums

      1. The age and sex of the driver. Yes, men do pay a bit more for auto insurance coverage, but recent congressional bills aim to stop that legal discrimination. The motorist's age is one of the biggest factors affecting premiums. Drivers under the age of 25 pay the highest rates of any age group and, as you might expect, get into more accidents. They also engage in super risky behavior like driving while texting.
      2. The vehicle you drive. This is a huge factor that insurers use to set rates. In general, the newer and more luxurious the vehicle is, the higher the premiums will be. On the contrary, boring old family cars that are also safe have some of the lowest rates. This includes old family sedans and mini-vans.
      3. Your Zip Code.  Ever wonder why the first thing you enter when applying for auto insurance quotes is your zip code? This is because each insurer has extensive data on every zip code in the country. This includes information such as accident rates and auto thefts. For example, two friends of a similar age and driving record could live in the same area but pay rates that vary by 20% more just because they live in different zip codes.
      4. Your Credit Score. If you have great credit, you can save big on insurance. If you don't, then expect to pay higher rates. Credit is a key component that insurers use to predict a person's risk profile. If you have a credit score below 650, get it up and watch your premiums go down.
      5. The Deductible Amount. One of the best ways to save on coverage is to select a higher deductible, often $1,000 or more. This will lower your rates by 15% or more. You just need to stay disciplined and have the money saved in case you ever get into a crash and need to file an accident claim.
      6. Driving History. The more at-fault accidents you have on your record, the more you will pay to get covered. This also applies to tickets. Most companies will take a three-year look at your driving record and use this info as a factor in setting the premiums you pay.
      7. Coverage Lapses. If you cancel your auto insurance for a period of time, this is known as a lapse of coverage. It signals to insurers that you might have financial problems or are a poor customer who frequently cancels their insurance. To get lower rates, keep continuous coverage.

      Shop for Direct Car Insurance Online and Save

      The web is the go-to place for auto insurance shopping these days. Why call an agent when you can compare Unique auto insurance quotes in less than 5 minutes and save hundreds simultaneously? Direct providers can help you lower your insurance premiums and put more money in your pocket. Just enter your zip code and apply for a free online rate quote to start saving.

      Unique Insurance Agency

      The One and Unique Insurance Agency

      Unique insurance agency

      Everyone will need to buy some insurance at some stage in their lives. Whether it's automobile coverage, homeowners, renters, workers comp, health care, long-term care, or life insurance, you'll undoubtedly want the best coverage at affordable prices. Unique Insurance is a solution for those that need the cheapest coverage for all their insurance needs.

      It can be a little overwhelming when you're just beginning to shop for insurance. So many choices surround you, and you often do not know where to begin. It can be very tedious, given that you must navigate through all the alternatives proposed to you to evaluate the best options for the coverage you need correctly.

      Selecting the Right Insurer

      You need a unique insurance agency that understands the ins and outs of the insurance world. An agency that will spend the time to check your situation, along with any current coverage you may have. In addition, you need a trusted source with a proven track record of success. The company can meet your needs, no matter what type of Insurance you need.

      The ability to deal directly with many major insurance companies is one advantage the agency has that other firms cannot match. Whether you need a state minimum car insurance policy or an umbrella plan covering your automobile, home, and business, a unique insurance company can get you covered. Knowing your assets are protected would help if you had security and peace of mind. This includes your property, business, and vehicles. This agency is the intelligent choice with total insurance solutions at low rates.

      Unlike a separate agency or company that represents itself, a unique insurance agency has no underlying motivation to direct you to one insurance company over the other. They are associated with a vast network of underwriters and carriers. They independently search their provider's database to determine what insurer best fits the customer's needs. They also have a proven method of securing affordable, quality coverage. These strategies give you no excuse to wait for anything else. It only takes a few minutes to get quotes, so enter your zip code and see how much money you can save.

      The company has grown by putting the client's needs first for many years. Here are a few more advantages the agency offers.

      • Emphasizes the requirements of the client first and foremost
      • Clarifies any concerns about the different policies or strategies
      • Give multiple quotes from several carriers 

      Pros and Cons of Working with Agencies

      There are thousands of insurance agencies out there that can assist you in getting a group or individual insurance plan. The question becomes whether you go to a carrier directly or work with a local agent. People often wonder if using a big company or a hometown agent is the best course to follow.

      There are both pros and cons to both. The choice depends on how much protection you can get for the best rate. Big companies often profit from advertising dollars to draw clients in. They might not, however, have the best rates for the coverage you need. National or public companies may have local offices to assist customers, but many people today want to buy their insurance online. At the company, you can compare quotes online and choose the policy you want. It's that simple and saves a ton of time.

      On the flip side, a unique insurance agency may be a safer option because they may be willing to give each policyholder more individual attention. Smaller firms or companies generally offer outstanding customer service, and customers appreciate this. They can help resolve complaints rapidly and effectively solve issues that arise. While large companies typically use one insurance provider, unique or independent agencies can do comparison shopping for the individual and get the best possible rate.

      It boils down to what type of insurance experience you prefer. Some people like talking face to face with an agent, while others want to buy a policy direction and compare quotes online.

      CONS: Working with Unique Insurance Agency has very few disadvantages. However, there may be a few. An agency operates with multiple providers. This means they might not control the rates as some direct insurers do. An agency may not be the first to learn about a particular provider's specials and discounts.

      However, a quality agency will remain up-to-date with the carriers it represents and will implement all the modifications and new projects as they are implemented.

      PROS: The pros of working with an insurance agency far outweigh the disadvantages. The company will offer you the lowest rates from providers around the country. Likewise, they will provide you with their insurance advice at no extra charge. This can be valuable if you are underinsured and need more coverage. They can work with you anytime, even in the evening. You can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a representative that will assist you in creating an insurance plan that gets you the best coverage at affordable rates."

      Benefits of Working with an Agency

      Insurance agencies can offer several advantages compared to big-name insurance carriers. They can provide additional value, including:

      • Flexibility - An insurance agency has a lot of flexibility when handling your individual requirements and fixing the issues you may not encounter with its brand name rivals. If you are unhappy with your current strategy for any purpose, you can easily shop somewhere else.
      • Industry knowledge- Insurance agents are very knowledgeable and can provide essential advice that can benefit you in the long run. Best of all, this advice is free. All you need to do is call or visit an agent to get going.
      • Freedom– Agencies work with numerous insurance companies, not just one. You can compare rates from multiple providers and often get great deals.
      • Resources- For the most part, the network of insurance agencies is significantly more extensive than most brand names you are familiar with.
      • Unbiased opinions- Every time you work with a unique insurance agency or broker, you will not have to care about a partial view. You are going to get unbiased advice and quotes that you can trust.

      Compare Quotes Online and Save

      Now that you know the benefits of Unique Insurance, it's time to compare rates. Enter your zip code and fill out a few basic questions. You will be matched with several carriers' best rates. Best of all, you can save hundreds and even get better coverage. Savings start here, so apply for your quote today.

      Affordable Unique Insurance Company

      Affordable Unique Insurance Company

      unique insurance company

      Unique Insurance Company is a trusted insurance carrier, providing quality car insurance coverage to residents in all 50 states. The company specializes in casualty insurance and offers nationwide automobile and home insurance coverage. The company is one of the best at what they do because they understand the needs of each customer and strive to find the best insurance plan at the lowest possible rates. They are a valuable option for people looking into shopping for Insurance for their used or new vehicle.

      Since Unique Insurance was founded, it has strived to be a market leader by focusing on customers' needs. The company has achieved many goals that other companies haven't been able to and continues to increase. One reason the company has grown is the low-cost auto and property insurance for individuals and groups. They are often highly rated in customer service surveys and realize that clients are the main reason for their success. The company continues to grow each year. In the future, insurance plans will introduce more products into the market, at low rates, that consumers have become accustomed to.

      Unique Insurance Co offers services in every state without a widespread and software-driven website. They continue to excel in what they do and embrace the new technology that has recently changed the industry. Their website is also designed to improve the knowledge of customers by offering a learning section that helps potential customers learn about the different aspects of Insurance. Quotes are completely free and only take about 5 minutes to complete.

      Unique Insurance Company Benefits

      The main reason for the company's ongoing success includes its competitive pricing. Their channels of distribution and marketing efforts have come a long way. People often come to the website to get a rate quote and feel comfortable buying a policy after talking to one of the many licensed agents. Although pricing for automobile insurance varies by state, because state minimum requirements are different, the best rates are given for your area.

      You can expect low-cost auto and homeowners' coverage in the city or rural country. Unique's goal is to save potential customers 20% or more of the price they pay for auto and home insurance, Unique Insurance, and most other providers.

      Another reason has been so successful in attracting clients has been its 24-hour dedicated service agents. Their website lets customers know that price is not everything they need to look at when shopping for auto insurance. Before looking at the price, they need to trust the company they are willing to research. Unique auto insurance prides itself on the fact that they are a trusted company people choose to compare free quotes. Someone needs to know that their insurance company is well off financially. This is especially true when you file a big claim. You need to know it will be paid out and on time.

      Like every other company, Unique has a series of discounts that allow its customers to save some money. The E-sign discount is designed for online customers who sign and enroll for automatic payments. They can save 2% or more of their premium costs. You can save 5% by paying the entire premium in a single lump payment. This also eliminated the hassle of paying your bill each month. Discounts can also vary by the state that you live in. You need to call your authorized agent or send a secured email to get further information on available discounts where you live.

      Customer Service that Cares

      It's also important to talk about Unique Insurance and excellent customer serviceIt's one of the main reasons they have It's doing so well for so long. They have friendly customer service representatives, are highly educated, and can help policyholders with almost any problem. They are well-known for supplying "state minimum" required liability insurance, with rates as low as $1dollar per day. This is a popular choice "for many customers. Many prefer this coverage because they want to pay the minimum rate, although it can be riskier financially. Unique also offers many other types of coverage, including comprehensive and collision coverage. They cater to all auto insurance needs. Additionally, they have the following benefits:

      • The pay by Phone Program allows customers to pay their premium over the phone.
      • They offer 24/7 customer service, a specialty in the auto insurance industry. This service is provided 365 days a year as well.
      • They offer three different payment plans.

      Unique Insurance has strived to be a leader in the business. Rather than using numerous agencies to sell their insurance, they provide "direct-to-consumer" quotes. Many clients save $500 or more by buying direct car insurance online. To get started, enter your zip code and see how easy it is to save over 20% on auto coverage.


      Comprehensive Car Insurance Explained

      Comprehensive Car Insurance Explained

      Comprehensive Car Insurance ExplainedFor those consumers that currently own a vehicle or plan on buying one shortly, there are a few basic things you should learn about the various insurance types. Several types of insurance are available, and you should familiarize yourself with each. The driver's responsibility is to decide on which one best fits their current situation. The three basic types are:

      • Liability
      • Collision
      • Comprehensive

      Comprehensive insurance covers these unexpected events for accidents that do not affect another vehicle. The following article details comprehensive coverage's basic components and tips on getting cheaper rates.

      What Exactly is Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

      Comprehensive coverage has many benefits. One is that it covers many losses that can occur to your vehicle outside of a typical accident with another car. There are so many things that can happen to your automobile at any given time. This includes:

      • Theft or vandalism
      • Flood Damage
      • Fire Damage
      • Struck by an Animal
      • Natural Disasters like Tornadoes

      New cars cost, on average, over $36,000, and many costs more than $50,000. With so much money invested, owners need enhanced protection. This is where comprehensive car insurance comes in. You must purchase a complete insurance policy if you have a leased vehicle or financed one. The only way you can get around it is by buying the car outright yourself.

      Another benefit is that it can be bought with another type of insurance or as a stand-alone type of policy. This plan is the perfect answer for people who want solid coverage but don't want the higher costs involved with full automobile insurance.

      Also, if you're not using your vehicle and it's in a storage facility, your comprehensive plan will protect your car even when parked. For many people who want full protection, comprehensive insurance offers the best value for their money. Enter your zip code and compare rates online in less than 5 minutes.

      Comprehensive Coverage Covers the Unexpected

      For any glass damage that occurs with your vehicle, you will be fully covered with this enhanced coverage. If you live in a small rural area with lots of wildlife, such as deer, comprehensive automobile insurance cover damage when an animal strikes your car and inflicts damage.

      Hail damage is frequent in many regions in the United States. Comprehensive plans will cover your vehicle against these fierce storms, which can do extensive cosmetic damage to cars. You never know when mother nature will strike next. If your automobile is involved in a fire, you will also be protected against this type of damage. Fires can completely ruin a car in less than an hour and do thousands in damage.

      Many people park their cars on the streets at night and can become victims of vandalism. This includes broken windows and slashed tires, among other things. Flood damage is also prevalent in many regions across the United States. In a severe flood, even trees have been known to fall onto cars. Comprehensive auto insurance will pay for your vehicle repairs for any of these costly events. If your car is stolen and stays lost for over 30 days, comprehensive ins will pay out the current cash value of your vehicle once the deductible is factored in and paid. This can save you thousands in repair or replacement costs.

      Choose the Best Deductible Amount

      When you decide on a new insurance plan, you must choose a deductible amount. This can range from as low as $100 to over $1,000. Here is the key. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums will be. The lower your deductible is, the higher your premiums. When you file a claim after an accident, the deductible must be paid before your insurance policy kicks in.

      While comprehensive insurance is more expensive, many people want peace of mind with extended protection. No matter how good of a driver you think you are, unexpected events do and will happen. This includes unforeseen things like automobile theft, cracked or broken windshields, etc. When you least expect it, your car could be hit by a deer or even lightning. You never know.

      Before you decide which type of plan to buy, you may want to get professional advice from a licensed insurance agent. You might consider buying this added protection if your car is worth more than $10,000.

      Compare Online Quotes and Save Hundreds on Comprehensive Auto Insurance

      The easiest and fastest way to save on insurance is to compare multiple online quotes. These days, most of the best deals are found online. This includes $20 down car insurance and policies that don't require a deposit. To get started, enter your zip code and fill out a few simple questions. You can even get quoted using your smartphone. Start comparing rates now and see how easy saving money can be.

      Unique Insurance Group – What You Need to Know

      Unique Insurance Group - What You Need to Know

      unique insurance group

      Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of your very own vehicle! Driving off that dealer lot with a new, or “new to you,” set of wheels is a great feeling.

      After the sale is complete, you decide to celebrate by grabbing some ice cream before you head home. On the way back, you’re cruising along (at the posted speed), enjoying that “new car smell.” Life is good. But then reality hits you smack when you remember what comes next. You realize that your next move needs to be shopping for an automobile insurance policy. Relax, it’s okay. We’re Unique Insurance Group, and we’re here to help you. Here’s what you need to know when purchasing an auto insurance policy.

      Nearly Every US State Requires Drivers to Carry Vehicle Insurance

      Vehicle insurance is all but unavoidable in the US—almost every state requires you to have it if you want to operate a motorized vehicle. Your state is most likely one of them. The state’s reasoning is clear: This insurance protects you and your property and is also designed to help protect other drivers.

      That being said, the latest figures suggest that the national average number of uninsured drivers on the road is roughly 13%. That’s a considerable number. Driving without insurance is terrible because it’s illegal in most areas. It is also wrong because uninsured drivers cause auto insurance rates to go up. And that isn’t good for all of us. So, bite the bullet and have your vehicle insured. It’s for the good of everyone.

      The Basics of Vehicle Insurance

      The whole vehicle insurance process can be confusing and intimidating, especially if you’ve never gone through it before. Let your friends at Unique Insurance Group break the entire thing down and make it easier to understand.

      Standard Parts of a Vehicle Insurance Policy

      Most insurance policies include the following basic parts or coverages:

      Collision & Comprehensive Coverage: This is coverage for physical damage to the vehicle. If you are financing your car, your bank or another creditor will make this coverage mandatory until you’ve satisfied the terms of your loan. Once your loan is paid off, you can usually drop this coverage if you choose so you can save on your premium; how much car insurance coverage do you need?  Depending on your location. But the choice is yours.

      Liability Coverage: Liability insurance is designed to protect you if you are at fault for an accident that injures someone or damages their vehicle or other property. Most companies offer at least three tiers of this coverage, and each state has its minimum range. At your own risk, you can choose to go with your state’s minimum mandated coverage to save on your premium (unless you’re dealing with a DUI or other legal situation).

      Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage protects you in the unfortunate event you are in the middle of an accident where a motorist with non-insurance is at fault. This coverage is invaluable with as many uninsured drivers as there are on the road today. Uninsured motorists are a leading factor in higher premiums.

      Medical Payments Coverage: This is usually optional coverage. You may opt-out of medical payments, especially if you have adequate insurance elsewhere to cover this potential cost. Check with your agent, though. Medical payments coverage doesn’t usually add much to your premium, so opt-in may be worth it.

      SR22 & FR44 Coverage: Make sure your insurer offers this coverage. If you get a DUI/DWI, not only will the Court costs be astronomical, but your state may also require you to carry an expensive SR22 or FR44 policy for as much as five years AFTER your incident. On any given day, we’re all capable of making a bad decision, like getting behind the wheel after having just one too many.

      Helping You Get the Best Vehicle Insurance Rates

      Yes, insurance is an expense, but it’s a necessary one. Remember, though; we’re a Unique Insurance Group. Let’s see what we can do to help you save on your auto insurance policy.

      Three Things That Lower Your Vehicle Insurance Premium

      Most insurance companies look at these three core factors to determine your premium:

      1. Your driving records
      2. How many vehicle insurances claim you’ve failed
      3. Your credit scores

      Unlike your age and marital status, these three things are all you can (for the most part) control. A stellar driving record (including not having a DUI), a good or better credit rating, and not filing any claims will usually always translate into a lower auto insurance premium.

      Pick Your Policy Options Carefully

      There are also a few things you can do to shave some dollars off of your vehicle insurance premium (we discussed some of them earlier). At some point, you may be able to adjust the following coverages:

      Collision/Comprehensive Coverage: Unless you pay cash for your vehicle (kudos to you if you’re able to do that!), most lenders will require you to carry collision/comprehensive coverage until your loan is paid off. After that, the choice to drop that coverage is yours. You have to decide how much risk you’re willing to take.

      Medical Payments Coverage: You can opt out of this coverage, especially if you have adequate health and other liability coverage.

      SR22 & FR44 Coverage: The best way to save money on your vehicle insurance with this coverage is not to need it in the first place. Needing an SR22 or FR44 will eliminate any policy premium savings you’ve previously worked out.

      That Wasn’t So Bad, Was It?

      See? We told you vehicle insurance wasn’t difficult to understand. So, the next step is to make that call or request an online quote. Contact the team at Unique Insurance Group, and we’ll be happy to get you set up today.

      Unique General Insurance Company

      Unique General Insurance Company

      unique general insurance

      Do you want to know what makes Unique General Insurance Company so special? Do you have questions about what we do, how we work, and who our clients are? Are you interested in learning more about how we can help you save money on all your insurance needs? Then welcome to our new revised website. You will find extensive resources on many insurance topics, so you can make informed decisions on the insurance coverage you need.

      Our Mission

      Unique Insurance's single mission is to find quality coverage quickly and affordably for every valued customer. We value our clients' trust in our ability to get them the best deals in auto and home insurance. We will continue building that trust by providing desperately needed support and stability in the complicated insurance industry. We help navigate the murky waters of Insurance to provide consistently high-quality services and quality products at the best possible prices. Get a quote today and compare direct rates online.

      Our Services

      Unique General Insurance makes finding the right coverage for your automobile and home easy. You no longer need to call up endless brokers and agents when comparing insurance providers. Unique will do all of the hard work for you. Our agents work with individuals to match them with the best insurance provider to give them the necessary coverage. While we help you narrow your options, the choice is always in your hands.

      The customer gets to choose the type of coverage, along with the policy limits. Once you decide on the coverage you need, you can get a free car insurance quote in less than five minutes. All you need to do is enter your zip code and answer a few basic questions about you and your vehicle.

      We also help our clients find high-quality home insurance coverage at low rates. Comparing providers has never been easier than it is getting a free online homeowner's quote. Compare the rates on up to ten providers at once and discover what insurance policy best fits your needs. Once you select a policy, you can buy it online and print out all the necessary documents.

      We Make It Easy to Find Low-Cost Insurance

      Navigating insurance policies can be exhausting work. Rather than get bogged down by the minutiae that differentiate various providers, our staff will help you figure out your best options and choose the best policy from multiple insurers that fits your needs and budget.

      Shopping for Insurance has never been so fast and easy to do. Unique General Insurance's model is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is tell us a little about yourself and what kind of coverage you're looking for, and we will find the cheapest rates in a matter of minutes. I

      The Importance of Good Coverage

      Insurance is all about preparing for the unfortunate. Let's face it, bad things like vehicle accidents always happen. This is why you need to be ready. Preparing today creates a solid foundation for a secure future. Unique General Insurance's sustainability is directly linked to that of our customers. We spare no effort when planning on our client's behalf. We bring everything we have to the table. This includes the years of experience and expertise of our agents. Our quick and user-friendly website allows users to compare multiple insurance rates using just about any device connected to the internet. You can even compare auto and home insurance rates using your smartphone.

      Unique General Insurance Company is heavily invested in the long-term success of every customer. When we say that we will find our clients the best insurance policies at the best rates, we mean it. This is a promise to our customers that we back up every day.

      Insurance Is Added Security

      Working with the company to cover your home and automobile is the first step to securing your future. We work tirelessly to protect our customer's assets. We believe that working with our clients closely and personally is the best way to do this. Our team of experts will build a secure insurance plan to protect your most valuable assets. We are eager to talk to you and build a relationship that will endure for years.

      All Drivers Welcome

      Drivers with a history of automobile accidents and violations don't need to worry. Unique Insurance clients that have a less than perfect driving record. Even if you have a DUI conviction or other reckless driving tickets, we can get you insured at rates most other providers can't match. At Unique Insurance Group, we believe that you should not be penalized for past mistakes. You can get a second chance with cheap high-risk auto insurance online.

      The Unique Insurance Difference

      The company lives up to its name by providing an exceptional experience. This is perhaps why so many customers renew their policy year after year. Whether you're a low-risk driver looking to be justifiably rewarded for your excellent driving or someone with low credit wondering how you'll be able to find coverage, start now by entering your zip code and comparing the best rates online.

      Your Guide to Unique Insurance Payments

      Your Guide to Unique Insurance Payments

      unique insurance payment

      You've done it; you decide to make just one unique insurance payment. You totaled your vehicle and went to your company for help, but you ended up with an endless wait to get your claim payment. The company isn’t much help, especially after the last accident you were in. Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Are you sick of insurers that let you down after you faithfully send in your monthly premium payment? Do you feel you are not getting the service you deserve?

      Now you’re finally doing something about it by switching to a company that cares, and that firm is a unique insurance company online. We're here to serve all your insurance needs and get you the coverage you deserve.

      Determine the Type and Amount of Auto Insurance You Need

      Before you pick up the phone and call a new carrier, you should first figure out how much coverage you need. Think over how much you’d like to be insured in case of a potentially serious wreck that could total your automobile. Also, consider the weather in your area and determine if certain weather patterns are more likely to lead to certain kinds of accidents. This includes tornadoes, hurricanes, and frequent snowstorms. Check out your state's minimum auto insurance coverage. Now you can be legally covered. Make sure the limits you choose will protect you if you get into a big crash and are even sued in court.

      Here Are Some Tips to Figure Out How Much Coverage You Need

      1. Check your state’s minimum auto insurance coverage. You can get one dollar-a-day liability insurance coverage in some states if you are a good driver. Many people are overpaying for coverage that either isn’t enough or is just plain too expensive. Minimum coverage in Florida, for instance, is $10,000 for bodily injury to each person in an accident and $20,000 for all people in an accident.
      2. Make sure your coverage equals the total of your assets. This cannot be stressed enough. Don’t assume you’ll be able to cover some of the costs yourself or that an amount close to the total will be enough. You can never guess the extent of the damage an accident can cause or the amount it will be in the long run.
      3. Choose a high deductible to get a low premium. Spending more money on occasional repairs now and then will help you out more than paying extra for repairs you may not need. If you have money saved up, choose a higher premium, and save the difference. This can save you 25% and more of your premiums.

      Look Into Specialty Insurance

      Depending on the type of vehicle you own, it may not be covered by some companies, or the coverage may not suit you as well. For example, classic cars may require specialty insurance as they’re not easily insured. Boats, including jet skis, may also need to be specially insured. Your regular insurance typically accompanies this kind of insurance to ensure maximum coverage. Don’t skip out on it. It could save you thousands. With unique insurance payments, you’d be doing yourself a favor.

      In addition to automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, and RV coverage are available. At affordable rates, comprehensive coverage is available that will protect you from flood damage (there’s a difference between flood coverage for houses and cars). Look for options that will work best for you and that save you the most money.

      Why Choose Unique Auto Insurance?

      Choosing unique insurance as your insurer has many benefits. For example, large families may need to pay more for insurance because they have multiple vehicles to insure and maybe a teen driver. With the company, you can get great low bundled rates that will save you hundreds. Apply online for a free rate quote comparison.

      You may also be interested in unique insurance if you’re simply tired of your current agencies' high prices and low service. Either way, receiving a custom quote can make a big difference. Get quoted and find a policy and payment plan that works best for you.

      Several online search tools are available to find a custom quote. A quick search for “car insurance quotes” will bring up many direct auto insurance companies with good deals online.

      How to Choose an Insurer

      Depending on the company or agency you choose, you may be able to set your own rules on how you do things. You’ll be able to choose your payment date and how often you pay. You may also be able to determine the premium amount you pay each month. Your unique insurance payments will indeed be up to you and custom-fit for your budget. What happens with your policy and coverage are really up to you. You can get the type of insurance plan you need online and see what insurer has the best rates.

      Keep in Mind the Insurance Coverage You Need Doesn't Need to Be Costly

      Property damage liability will keep you covered if you’re responsible for an accident in which the other driver’s vehicle gets totaled. Minimum amounts vary by state, but depending on the damage extent, they may not be enough. It may also be much more if the other vehicle’s value is significantly higher than your coverage covers.

      Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a policy that covers the medical expenses, bills, and costs of all of the passengers, including yourself, in your vehicle after an accident. It also goes by the name “No-Fault Law.” It is mandatory coverage in some states, including Florida, New Jersey, and Michigan.

      Collision covers the cost of any repairs that may need to be done to your vehicle after an accident. With this, you’ll need to determine how large your deductible will be. The larger the deductible, the lower the premium. While this is important, it may not seem that much when your car gets older and loses more of its value. If your vehicle is leased, you will probably be forced to buy comprehensive auto insurance.


      Take your time when selecting the right type of insurance and all the optional coverage options before you buy a policy. Also, make sure you shop around to find the best rates. There are a few steps involved with receiving your custom rate quote. Get a free Unique Insurance quote online in less than 5 minutes. Apply now by entering your zip code and see how easy it is to save hundreds off your premium. Get the rates you deserve today.

      5 Tips For Getting The Cheapest and Unique Car Insurance Premiums

      5 Tips For Getting The Cheapest and Unique Car Insurance Premiums

      Unique car insurance

      Mandatory in 49 states, car insurance is just one of those things you have to have in order to own and operate an automobile. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around for the best available rates, as not all companies operate in exactly the same way. Using an insurance broker like Unique Car Insurance is the easiest way to shop for multiple rates at once. The difference between any two carriers can be hundreds of dollars a month, so it’s a saving you can’t afford to overlook. 

      Everyone’s financial situation is different. Some people want the peace of mind that comes with expansive full coverage, while others want to get by with the lowest possible monthly premium they can find. Insurance is all about transferring some of your risk to another party in exchange for money. So, how much risk are you willing to keep, and how much do you want to give away? Here are 5 ways you can lower your monthly premiums. 

      • Check Insurance Costs When Buying a Car

      Why not start at the beginning? The car you drive is a big part of what determines the premiums you pay. If monthly premiums are important to you, add insurance costs as a research item when picking out a car. Newer and more expensive cars cost more to insure. Insurance companies are all about statistics; they know exactly which cars get into more accidents, cost more to fix, or get stolen more often. All of these things also factor in the cost of premiums. 

      • Shop Around and Compare Rates

      As we said, not all companies charge the same rates. Shop around and compare the base rates and discounts offered at different companies. Using a trusted broker like Unique Car Insurance can help you get the best possible deal. 

      • Pay on Time and Use Auto-Draft

      Insurance companies love it when people pay on time; late payments cause a lot of extra paperwork and manpower. They are happy to pass on some of their savings to you through a discount if you pre-pay your premiums a year in advance or select a monthly auto-draft from your checking account. With autopay, you never have to worry about late payments, and you can get a hefty discount. As a side note - pay all your bills on time, as a lower credit score, in general, can also lead to an increase of hundreds of dollars in your auto premiums. 

      • Look for Discounts

      What makes one car company different often comes from its discount packages. Some companies put an emphasis on safe driving and others on bundle deals or affiliations. While comparing companies and shopping around, note all the discounts each one offers and see how many apply to you. Common discounts include: 

      • Safe Driver / Clean Record 
      • Affiliations (Military, Job, College, Etc.) 
      • Bundle Deals (home and auto, for example) 
      • Auto-draft or Pre-pay
      • Anti-theft Devices
      • Defensive Driving Classes 
      • Age (young drivers cost more to insure) 
      • Be a Safe Driver 

      Another huge factor in calculating premiums is your personal driving record. This includes past claim history, accident reports, and tickets. If you’ve had multiple accidents or tickets in the past, it can take a long time for those things to stop affecting your premiums. Your best bet is to always drive the speed limit, obey all traffic rules, and practice defensive driving to avoid accidents. 

      • Get a Higher Deductible 

      If you think your chances of getting into an accident are low, you can elect to take a higher deductible in exchange for a lower premium. This is a little riskier; in effect, you are betting that you will never get into an accident. You can enjoy the lower out-of-pocket cost each month, but should you get into an accident and need to pay for repairs, you should have the amount of the deductible tucked into your savings account, so you don’t end up without a car to drive. This is a great option for low-risk drivers, like people who don’t drive very often.

      Bonus tip: if you drive an older or less expensive car, you can forgo full coverage and get liability coverage only. Liability coverage only covers the other party in the event you cause an accident; it doesn’t provide protection for your own injuries or property. However, this could be a good option for people with inexpensive vehicles that don’t drive that often.

      Many factors determine what an individual’s auto insurance premiums will be. Some things will be more within your control than others. If low premiums are necessary for your budget, then keep all the above factors in mind when buying a car and shopping for unique car insurance.

      Car Insurance Estimator

      Car Insurance Estimator

      Car Insurance Estimator

      Before buying any auto insurance coverage, you first need to get a ballpark estimate of your expected premiums. This is where free tools like an auto insurance estimator can really help out. When shopping for a new automobile, you should check the average insurance rates first before buying the vehicle. Some models of cars can fluctuate in coverage costs quite a lot. Getting an estimated quote will give you a good number to work with. Then you can go out and try and get a better rate, below the overall average. Enter your zip code now and compare direct auto insurance rates online.

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      Estimates Don’t Require Much Information

      One of the cool things about getting a car insurance estimate online is it only takes a minute or two. Another benefit is you don’t need to enter your personal information. Estimates are just that; they will give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for coverage. Most free insurance estimate tools only require the following:

      • Age of The Driver
      • Year, Make and Model of Your Car
      • Zip Code
      • Type of Insurance Coverage: Liability, Collision, or Comprehensive

      These questions will give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay for coverage. Notice you don’t have to plug in your social security number and other personal information, like your name and home address. This is why so many people like getting a rough insurance estimate before filling out a more detailed quote. With some tools, a free car insurance estimator can quickly give you a ballpark amount in less than a minute. You also don’t need to worry about salespeople calling you or getting hit with a bunch of unsolicited emails. Enter your zip code now and compare rates online.

      Use an Auto Insurance Estimator When Shopping for a New or Used Car

      One of the best times to use a quote estimator is when you are in the process of buying a new or used car. Rates can vary quite a bit between different makes and models of similar
      automobile types. For example, a new Toyota Sienna might cost $50 more per month to insure than a new Honda Odyssey. This can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of owning the vehicle. All things being equal, the price of insuring a certain automobile needs to be a big purchasing factor. It can save you a lot of money and help you afford the overall ownership expense of the vehicle.

      This is also true of used vehicles. If you narrow your search down to three cars you are considering buying, then do some basic insurance research before you decide on one. The premiums can fluctuate a lot, so if you are on a strict budget, go for the cheapest vehicle to insure. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

      Car Insurance Estimates for Teenagers

      Most teens are dying to get behind the wheel when they turn 16 years old. The reality of high-cost teen auto insurance never crosses most teenagers’ minds. The truth is young drivers under the age of 20 pay the highest rates of any motorist age group. Many teens want fast, sporty cars that are even more expensive to insure. If value and low rates are important, add your teenager to your existing policy and let him or her drive an old family car. This will save hundreds annually.

      If a youthful driver has a part-time job and the financial resources to pay $200 or more each month for coverage, then it’s important to compare as many quotes as possible to find the best deal. Getting an auto insurance estimate is necessary if a teen is shopping for a new or used car. Thanks to the internet, estimates can be done on a smartphone in about one minute. Since almost every teen is attached to their cellphone, then have him or her gets an insurance estimate first on any vehicle they are interested in buying. This will also help educate them financially and on how to make more disciplined decisions.


      When shopping for a new or used car, a car insurance estimate can help you learn what vehicle is the cheapest to insure. However, estimates are just that – a comprehensive overview. They are inaccurate, and you could end up paying more or less. To get precise rates, you must fill out a quote and enter all your information. This most likely will include your social security number, name, and home address. Insurers like Unique Insurance Company will let you compare up to 10 auto insurance quotes online. They can save you hundreds and get you quality coverage, often for a lot less. To get started, just enter your zip code.