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Do you want to know what makes Unique General Insurance Company so special? Do you have questions about what we do, how we work, and who our clients are? Are you interested in learning more about how we can help you save money on all your insurance needs? Then welcome to our new revised website. You will find extensive resources on many insurance topics, so you can make informed decisions on the insurance coverage you need.

Our Mission

Unique Insurance's single mission is to find quality coverage quickly and affordably for every valued customer. We value our clients' trust in our ability to get them the best deals in auto and home insurance. We will continue building that trust by providing desperately needed support and stability in the complicated insurance industry. We help navigate the murky waters of Insurance to provide consistently high-quality services and quality products at the best possible prices. Get a quote today and compare direct rates online.

Our Services

Unique General Insurance makes finding the right coverage for your automobile and home easy. You no longer need to call up endless brokers and agents when comparing insurance providers. Unique will do all of the hard work for you. Our agents work with individuals to match them with the best insurance provider to give them the necessary coverage. While we help you narrow your options, the choice is always in your hands.

The customer gets to choose the type of coverage, along with the policy limits. Once you decide on the coverage you need, you can get a free car insurance quote in less than five minutes. All you need to do is enter your zip code and answer a few basic questions about you and your vehicle.

We also help our clients find high-quality home insurance coverage at low rates. Comparing providers has never been easier than it is getting a free online homeowner's quote. Compare the rates on up to ten providers at once and discover what insurance policy best fits your needs. Once you select a policy, you can buy it online and print out all the necessary documents.

We Make It Easy to Find Low-Cost Insurance

Navigating insurance policies can be exhausting work. Rather than get bogged down by the minutiae that differentiate various providers, our staff will help you figure out your best options and choose the best policy from multiple insurers that fits your needs and budget.

Shopping for Insurance has never been so fast and easy to do. Unique General Insurance's model is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is tell us a little about yourself and what kind of coverage you're looking for, and we will find the cheapest rates in a matter of minutes. I

The Importance of Good Coverage

Insurance is all about preparing for the unfortunate. Let's face it, bad things like vehicle accidents always happen. This is why you need to be ready. Preparing today creates a solid foundation for a secure future. Unique General Insurance's sustainability is directly linked to that of our customers. We spare no effort when planning on our client's behalf. We bring everything we have to the table. This includes the years of experience and expertise of our agents. Our quick and user-friendly website allows users to compare multiple insurance rates using just about any device connected to the internet. You can even compare auto and home insurance rates using your smartphone.

Unique General Insurance Company is heavily invested in the long-term success of every customer. When we say that we will find our clients the best insurance policies at the best rates, we mean it. This is a promise to our customers that we back up every day.

Insurance Is Added Security

Working with the company to cover your home and automobile is the first step to securing your future. We work tirelessly to protect our customer's assets. We believe that working with our clients closely and personally is the best way to do this. Our team of experts will build a secure insurance plan to protect your most valuable assets. We are eager to talk to you and build a relationship that will endure for years.

All Drivers Welcome

Drivers with a history of automobile accidents and violations don't need to worry. Unique Insurance clients that have a less than perfect driving record. Even if you have a DUI conviction or other reckless driving tickets, we can get you insured at rates most other providers can't match. At Unique Insurance Group, we believe that you should not be penalized for past mistakes. You can get a second chance with cheap high-risk auto insurance online.

The Unique Insurance Difference

The company lives up to its name by providing an exceptional experience. This is perhaps why so many customers renew their policy year after year. Whether you're a low-risk driver looking to be justifiably rewarded for your excellent driving or someone with low credit wondering how you'll be able to find coverage, start now by entering your zip code and comparing the best rates online.