Your Guide to Unique Insurance Payments

unique insurance payment

You've done it; you decide to make just one unique insurance payment. You totaled your vehicle and went to your company for help, but you ended up with an endless wait to get your claim payment. The company isn’t much help, especially after the last accident you were in. Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Are you sick of insurers that let you down after you faithfully send in your monthly premium payment? Do you feel you are not getting the service you deserve?

Now you’re finally doing something about it by switching to a company that cares, and that firm is a unique insurance company online. We're here to serve all your insurance needs and get you the coverage you deserve.

Determine the Type and Amount of Auto Insurance You Need

Before you pick up the phone and call a new carrier, you should first figure out how much coverage you need. Think over how much you’d like to be insured in case of a potentially serious wreck that could total your automobile. Also, consider the weather in your area and determine if certain weather patterns are more likely to lead to certain kinds of accidents. This includes tornadoes, hurricanes, and frequent snowstorms. Check out your state's minimum auto insurance coverage. Now you can be legally covered. Make sure the limits you choose will protect you if you get into a big crash and are even sued in court.

Here Are Some Tips to Figure Out How Much Coverage You Need

1. Check your state’s minimum auto insurance coverage. You can get one dollar-a-day liability insurance coverage in some states if you are a good driver. Many people are overpaying for coverage that either isn’t enough or is just plain too expensive. Minimum coverage in Florida, for instance, is $10,000 for bodily injury to each person in an accident and $20,000 for all people in an accident.
2. Make sure your coverage equals the total of your assets. This cannot be stressed enough. Don’t assume you’ll be able to cover some of the costs yourself or that an amount close to the total will be enough. You can never guess the extent of the damage an accident can cause or the amount it will be in the long run.
3. Choose a high deductible to get a low premium. Spending more money on occasional repairs now and then will help you out more than paying extra for repairs you may not need. If you have money saved up, choose a higher premium, and save the difference. This can save you 25% and more of your premiums.

Look Into Specialty Insurance

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, it may not be covered by some companies, or the coverage may not suit you as well. For example, classic cars may require specialty insurance as they’re not easily insured. Boats, including jet skis, may also need to be specially insured. Your regular insurance typically accompanies this kind of insurance to ensure maximum coverage. Don’t skip out on it. It could save you thousands. With unique insurance payments, you’d be doing yourself a favor.

In addition to automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, and RV coverage are available. At affordable rates, comprehensive coverage is available that will protect you from flood damage (there’s a difference between flood coverage for houses and cars). Look for options that will work best for you and that save you the most money.

Why Choose Unique Auto Insurance?

Choosing unique insurance as your insurer has many benefits. For example, large families may need to pay more for insurance because they have multiple vehicles to insure and maybe a teen driver. With the company, you can get great low bundled rates that will save you hundreds. Apply online for a free rate quote comparison.

You may also be interested in unique insurance if you’re simply tired of your current agencies' high prices and low service. Either way, receiving a custom quote can make a big difference. Get quoted and find a policy and payment plan that works best for you.

Several online search tools are available to find a custom quote. A quick search for “car insurance quotes” will bring up many direct auto insurance companies with good deals online.

How to Choose an Insurer

Depending on the company or agency you choose, you may be able to set your own rules on how you do things. You’ll be able to choose your payment date and how often you pay. You may also be able to determine the premium amount you pay each month. Your unique insurance payments will indeed be up to you and custom-fit for your budget. What happens with your policy and coverage are really up to you. You can get the type of insurance plan you need online and see what insurer has the best rates.

Keep in Mind the Insurance Coverage You Need Doesn't Need to Be Costly

Property damage liability will keep you covered if you’re responsible for an accident in which the other driver’s vehicle gets totaled. Minimum amounts vary by state, but depending on the damage extent, they may not be enough. It may also be much more if the other vehicle’s value is significantly higher than your coverage covers.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a policy that covers the medical expenses, bills, and costs of all of the passengers, including yourself, in your vehicle after an accident. It also goes by the name “No-Fault Law.” It is mandatory coverage in some states, including Florida, New Jersey, and Michigan.

Collision covers the cost of any repairs that may need to be done to your vehicle after an accident. With this, you’ll need to determine how large your deductible will be. The larger the deductible, the lower the premium. While this is important, it may not seem that much when your car gets older and loses more of its value. If your vehicle is leased, you will probably be forced to buy comprehensive auto insurance.


Take your time when selecting the right type of insurance and all the optional coverage options before you buy a policy. Also, make sure you shop around to find the best rates. There are a few steps involved with receiving your custom rate quote. Get a free Unique Insurance quote online in less than 5 minutes. Apply now by entering your zip code and see how easy it is to save hundreds off your premium. Get the rates you deserve today.